Thursday, November 1, 2012

Artem1584: New #1 Top Zulutrade Signal Provider

Today (1. November 2012) I am going to review new #1 Zulutrade Signal Provider : "Artem1584"

Here are basic stats:

Zulutrade Ranking: #1
Pips Profit: 10.4k
Trades: 1606
AVG. Pips: 6
Win%: 55%
Average trade time : 15hours
Weeks: 52
Max. DrawDown: 18% (1.8 k pips)
ROI: 303%
Followers: 1015
Max. open trades: 16
NME (Necessary Minimum Equity): $455

Altough this SP is in profit, we think that this profit was generated with a medium risk (16 open trades, 1.8k pips dradown). So as chart shows , you can really make a very nice profit, but set your lot size according to these stats., so that your account can survive 2k pips drawdown. So according to NME you should have at least $455 of your capital for every micro lot you will trade. And remember, this provider open 16 trades at same time.

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