Monday, November 12, 2012

2013 Forex Contests

2013 InstaForex Contests & Campaigns

Below you can find the list of current 2013 forex contests for both demo and live accounts of InstaForex Broker Company. To see the full contest details, simply click the link below, which will forward you to the full list of forex traders participants in the contest and registration form.

Sports Lotus is Your Trade Bonus
The main prize is the sport car Lotus Evora.

Trade Wise, Win Devices
Win one of the following mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Best Trading, Luxury Driving
The main prize is the premium class car Porsche Cayenne.

InstaForex Sniper
The annual prize pool is USD 75000.

Lucky Trader
The annual prize pool is USD 75 000

InstaForex Great Race 2012
The total prize fund amounts to USD 55000.

Real Scalping InstaForex
Annual prize pool amounts to USD 72000

Miss InstaForex Asia 2013

Chancy Deposit 2012

One Million Option by InstaForex

FX-1 Rally by InstaForex