Saturday, November 24, 2012

Forex Signal Providers Ranking

The best way to choose a reliable, profitable and consistant signal provider is to look at forex signal providers ranking table. When you do so you can find useful informations about particular signal provider´s performance, historical charts, win/loss ratio, number of weeks trading, number of trades, ROI, number of followers, dollar amount following, maximum drawdown or minimum necessary equity.

Below are forex signal providers ranking tables from 2 companies providing this kind of service:

1) Zulutrade Signal Providers Ranking
Zulutrade offers thousands of signal providers, so you need to study their ranking table to choose the best SPs. You need to open free Zulutrade Account and then choose your broker. Your Broker account will be connected to your Zulutrade account and trades of your chosen signal providers will auto-copy to your broker account.
Note: when choosing SP, check their slippage for your broker. If it is too high, choose other broker.
To find slippage, go to SP´s chart and click on tab Slippage

2) ForexCopy system from InstaForex Broker
Instaforex has its own autocopy system, so you do not have to worry about slippage. Trades of your signal provider will autocopy to your account instantly because it is done within a same company.
Additional advantage is that when you open account with InstaForex, you will get 30-40% deposit bonus, which can instantly be used for trading. Or you can win prizes like Porsche Cayenne, Lotuse Elise or Evora, cash prizes etc.
Check best InstaForex signal providers ranking table.